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Welcome to Our Site!

We hope you enjoy the spectacular world as seen through our eyes. We've dedicated this site to furthering love for nature through images, both still and moving.We especially hope that children will see the world in a different way after visiting our site.

On this site you will find images from our African safaris in Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa as well as from our undersea adventures in Cozumel, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Indonesia, Andaman Islands, the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and more.

We continue to write books and with the advent of new technology we have been able to publish them on both and ibooks!There are print copies as well as versions for iphones and ipads.

You can find our books in two stores. e-books at the ibooks store at Cheri's ibooks and hard cover as well as e-books at the blurb books at Cheri's blurb books.

We have also published images on which can be found by searcing for Cheri Warren. You can check out our youtube channel at and searching for cheriwphoto.

You can also check out our calendars, shirts, and baby goodies at our on-line store located at World Sustainable Products.

You can also check out our gorgeous wall prints at Cheri's Large Wall Prints.

Shooting in the wilds of Africa.
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