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We have been branching out with our products. You can check out our calendars, shirts, and baby goodies at our on-line store located at World Sustainable Products.


We continue to write books and with the advent of new technology we have been able to publish them on both blurb.com and ibooks!There are hard copies as well as versions for iphones and ipads.

You can find all my books at ibooks at Cheri's ibooks and all of the blurb books at Cheri's blurb books.

If you want to check them out individually, please click on the pictures,

Our fist book was published in 2005, The Life of Big African Cats; A Photographic Safari.

Click here to see a few pages of the book. The first page is very detailed and has been included to provide adults with some background information so when they read to youngsters they can answer questions. The rest of the book is designed for children to read on their own and/or for adults to read to them.

If you would like to purchase a copy, we'd be happy to autograph and address it to specific people. To purchase, click here.

Drop us a note at the e-mail below with the name you would like it addressed to and your mailing address. Sales Team.

All Images for Sale.

8x10 - $15, 10x13 - $25, 16x20 - $35, 20x24 - $50...all prices plus S&H.
Framed Images
8x10 - $40, 10x13 - $60, 16x20 - $90, 20x24 - $145...all prices plus S&H.

Send an e-mail if you want an image before this piece is complete. Sales Team.